Maryann Worrell

Artist and Educator​

WoMo Art

You Are Here You Are Here Directions/Map Two large paintings cover the gallery windows with "peek hole" in each for curious eyes to take a look. The bamboo left wall and ceiling create a hallway in the space. 193254960 193254970 This Way Directional arrow on the floor on an ramp leads the audience through the space. 193254971 193254972 Alone This one seated chamber allows individual the opportunity to sit in complete darkness, but still hear what is happening in the gallery through the pipe system. 193254973 193254974 193254962 Connecting Pen and ink on paper 193254969 From Above 6"x6", (18) Ink, and oil paint on canvas. 193254968 Comfort 4'x7'x4', Industrial felt, wood, steel, and fabric. 193254966 Comfort detail 193254967 Paths 8'x9'x4', Wood, steel, vellum, pvc, ink, watercolor, light 193254963 Paths detail 193254964 Paths detail 193254965 Paths Detail 193254979 Paths detail 193254980 Tiny Islands Sizes vary. Wood, fabric, tread, various metal. 193254961 Tiny Islands detail 193254975 Tiny Islands detail 193254976 Tiny Islands detail 193254977 Tiny Islands detail 193254978